The Next Great Investment

Without throwing out a lot of BLA-BLA-BLA Here on August 30, 2020 that can help double your investment or better. The USA is going to be turning to Hydrogen Power!

If you didn’t know Warren Buffet owns Coke, and every time he spends a dime it’s got to be for something good right? So what did he do now…. well really he did it under the radar. He bought Hydrogen powered trucks for Coke, and so did DLS, and many more.

But this is a little different then following Warren that old Scrooge. It’s not the trucks to follow; at least not yet, it’s the Hydrogen company to look at.

Hydrogen was something to fear back in the mid 20th century, but there is a cure in how they now package/bottle it.

The Company symbol is “PLUG” and you can go to Investor Relations to watch a You Tube, and they just nail a huge contract for powering robots. This is the wave of the future!

Just 3 months ago the stock was $5 now its just about $13 Buy a call 6 months out or a year out…. you may never have to work again.

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