Are you Homeless!?

Let me help you get on your feet. If your reading this I urge you to follow me on this site.

No matter where you are you need only three steps to start making money.

I know people say that crap all the time only to let you down, but I am going to give it to you right here right now for free.

  1. Have access to a computer or phone.
  2. Get a bank account with $50 to $100
  3. Get a TD Ameritrade account and download their “Think or Swim Platform”

Once you have the platform you can start practicing how to buy and sell stock. When you first sign on to your platform you can play real money or paper money.

If you are watching the stock you will see there are penny stock which is $5. and under.
Pick a few stocks that has a lot of volatility (a fancy word for stock goes up and down).

Your goal is to buy when it hits it’s low, and sell when it high. It goes up a dollar sell it, and go to another stock you know is ready to go up. You may have to wait a day or two for your money to clear after you sell, but as soon as it clears if not cleared right away jump on another.

Once your rolling let me know, and I would be happy to point you in the right direction.
Once you pick your stock track their movement, so you get familiar with their moody;
that’s what I said… stocks are moody, and react fast and some times slow.

One man has turned $500 into $48,000 within 60 days, doing dollar for dollar. You can too!

Take your time and be patient, as your bank roll grows there are other ways to make it grow faster. So be sure to get in touch by going to contact page here.

Good luck

Published by junkmall

Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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