Learn Stock Market Options Basic Free (1)

Learning Options can be very hard and costly, but if you relax with an open mind you can profit just like anyone else. Learning options is a great way to boost retirement income!

Learn step by step how you can increase your income with large fast moving companies for what you may be losing with buying penny stock. Options allows you to buy shares for pennies on the dollar to own the share for a limited time.

Look, it’s this easy to increase your money just learn to read a graph. It’s just that easy!
The graph runs on a trend… if people are buying stock it goes up; if they are selling their stocks it goes down.

So you say, “I don’t know how to buy or sell stocks”. This is how easy it is… there is a tab on your platform to buy options.

One side of the page lets you click on what is called “CALLS”, that will allow you to buy the stocks your looking to buy because it’s going up.

If you look at the graph and it looks to be going down on a trend you buy what is called a “PUT”. Just go to the other side of the page that you bought the “CALL” and buy a “PUT”.

A “CALL” for up trend, and a “PUT” for down trend.

O.K. now buying something is never been a problem when you really want it, but it’s the selling part that is the turn off. Guess what? It’s just as easy as buying!

Billions of dollars are sold every day on the stock market when open, so the buying and selling is done by this huge computer. You click buy…it takes your money; you click sell it sells your stock for you.

Well there you go…. you now know the basics. Subscribe or contact us to learn more.
Till next time!

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Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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