The Amazon Competition

Did you think that Amazon was the end all be all! Well guess again…?

Amazon has made all the mistakes, and someone must have been picking through the trash!

We can see through life examples…. Burger King follows McDonalds, Costco and Walmart, Home Depot competes with Lowes. So who is going to be the big dog released to the public to keep America in the game?

Stock symbol “BIGC” is up to the challenge! It a new IPO to pop up on the stock market, and went to over $100 then down to $70 more or less… but wait! It’s back over $100, and out of Texas!

E-Commerce is the wave of todays shoppers I kid you not. Baby boomers feel safe at home, and are traveling only to their 2nd home on the lake. They are just stopping off for toilet paper and essentials. (I just had to slip in the toilet paper.. lol)

We are going to have to keep an eye on that stock for sure. Texas is a great location for sending out products through out the USA. They will find people wanting to labor from Mexico helping immigrates gain financial freedom for independence, and living the American Dream not on the American People.

“BIGC” has been running under the radar since 2009 with 600 employees. They are a solid company, and you may want to buy a handful of shares before it gets out of reach.

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