$329.58 in 20 days

Just 20 Days ago had you bought just 6 shares in Stock Symbol “FDX”; better known as, FedEx a well trusted company.

FedEx isn’t going any where soon, so 6 shares would have cost you $172.14 each. Here it is now 20 days later BANG cash out 6 shares at $227.07 each putting $329.58 in your pocket.

In other words rather then put $1032.84 in the bank to sit there BUY some STOCK; it doesn’t have to be with FedEx, but to think you can pick a stock, and in 20 days have a free pay day.

I’m sure that must excite you to see $1032.84 turn to $1362.42 putting $329.58 in your pocket in less then a month. If you could do that every month that is $3954.96 profit plus the $1032.84 you started with bringing that to $4987.80.

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Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

One thought on “$329.58 in 20 days

  1. On 9/3/2020 had you went with FDX to now 9/15/2020 and that same 6 shares would have added an additional $54.78 in just 13 more days.
    Given you a grand total of $384.36 in a months time. That’s your car loan friends! That’s not including earnings or dividends. That is the reason to handle your own money. Need help understanding a good move? You don’t need millions with proper placement to pay bills.

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