What happen to my Family!

Rebuilding the American way of life means restoring our families, and family starts at home. So why have families split up anyway, and why did daddy leave home?

When reflecting on the American family it’s not as it was because the government over the years found they could make more money by dividing the parents. With that being said how would Government do it?

So the government had to break down going to church (morality), allow package stores to sell boos on Sunday, and get more women on welfare, WIC, and food stamps, section 8, and 707 housing. Basically support the mother who had no job skills, and encourage education to get them in the work force.

As time went tic toc from 1970 to todays life style the government in short has worked the father out of the family life style putting the father in debt working two jobs paying child support, and the mother working two jobs to help support child care.

While everyone is working so hard for the government…. they’re to busy not seeing what the hell has been done. Who do we blame DADDY!? NO! MOMMY!?

Courts kept women chasing men for child support who now had two house holds to support plus child support, education debt, plus aid the mother through their education until the government could come up with education programs for mothers.

Men where also facing jail time if child support was not paid on time for good reason or not, and would lose days at work to be in court for modification.

So, one can always go through the history of what happen, but where do we stand now, and how do we get back to the family life style.

Mothers of today are finding out they can not raise a child alone, and that it has damaged the children having men coming and going through the ages of the children. Women feel the need to protect their children, and an outsider even if a woman loves another man… he is still an outsider. Not only that, but the children feel the need to protect the mother in the fathers place. This leaves the child very confused as to how to behave.

A family needs to find peace in morality and comfort in each other. Women have grown weak feeling the need to compete; to prove their worth when its not needed. Now that they have their job, money, house, and education…. what did it prove?

Children are lost. They don’t know what it’s like to grow up with a father; boys have lost the man that would help them through their right of passage to manhood. To brave camping hunting and fishing with men; talks on how to treat a lady.

Little girls asking their fathers why boys do this or that, and the father giving courage and support as she goes through the trying times of what boys think, and how to get along; to tell her she’s beautiful as she grows into a woman. To feel safe within the family, and to learn how moms and dads get along in good and bad times, and knowing that people are not perfect.

The rights of freedom have been taken from us, and the government has entered the home in many forms and agency. They are the reason right?

WRONG! It is our fault that we have given them such power to have a child make a claim or woman to say she has been wronged to the point an agency can walk away with our children. To continue to take so much that we have nothing left as if we have sold our very soul to laziness.

It is our job to vote to have people in office that don’t give our money away to other countries when it should be there for us to build our lives today, tomorrow, and for our children.

Obama gave away 1.6 Billion of our money, and tell us we are not going to have social security when our parents paid in even when they never retired. They gave blood in battles overseas, and millions have died in helping so many other countries.

Knowing some of our history will help you understand that we have worked hard to get where we are today with buildings, roads, parks, and a transportation better then any where in the world. Now we have the people that want to take our hard work and efforts of our fore fathers away from us.

Rather then to come into our country, and follow the rules and laws… they try to bypass ways laid out for them by sneaking in on boats, jumping fences, so we try to close an eye to immigrants wrongs to the point they now take advantage of our kindness. They have taken our kindness as weakness, and our government has helped immigrants lost to their political greed to make as much as they can as they suppress American families with riots, fires, and shoot outs with police.

It is now our duty to make sure we vote, and rebuild our roadways and fallen businesses as well as industry. The damage that has been done with families may never see correction, but we can make things right before the last baby boomers die off.

Passing on traditions can still happen. Family wounds will heal over time, and history can be told as that was always something families would share by the fire side.

I encourage you too invest your time, money, and efforts in our American way of life. Lets get back to enjoying family weekends as a family.

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