Call me Wrong OR Follow the Money

Wells Fargo…. ever heard the name? They said big banks were laundering money, but I don’t think Wells Fargo (Stock Symbol “WFC”) would be involved in any such game.

It so happen I bought puts on WFC, and I was able to pull in over $400 in today.

That news ad about Big Banks scared everyone enough to start pulling their money out of the bank. So thank you, and now I have calls on at $24 strike price for the money to go back up. Lets say I have faith.

If I am right, the Bank will recover in the next 30 days delivering a bundle of cash some where in the $1000’s.

So is it faith? Well click on WFC to see where the money is when you read this, and if it does go back up. Feel free to throw down a few dollars for some spending money.

Today is 9/21/2020 you should find on this day its already hit the $24 strike price. It may dip a little more, but they had just been up graded. They are a strong bank because of mortgages, so their money is secured in Real Estate not so much cash.

Direct withdrawal for mortgages does assure ones faith in the banking system. ;-D Come on man that’s funny I don’t care who you are,…. right!

If you feel safer, hell purchase the shares its a good bank. Should it go to $30 from $24 you be pulling in almost 28%. How about $5000 sitting in shares turning in to $6400 because of some guy you don’t even know.

WOW! $1400 bucks in a month or two, and you own the shares whether it goes up or down. Best of all if you bought the shares and keep them…. you can collect earnings and dividends.

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Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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