Guess who is USA Drug Company?

Kodak Co. Stock symbol “kodk“! They are the oldest good old boys from way back when. Who have been playing with chemicals since…. before I was born.

Their stock has been at $5 for a long time, but now if you don’t know have been climbing in value. They shot up to over $33 because the big boys want in. USA are no longer buying out of our country.

So why are they down to about $10+? I got your answer… if you go in there a throw a million or two your going to spike the market on that day. It then recovers back to where it was at or just a little high then the day before.

However, when you have millions, and billions getting thrown in; it bills up giving stock more value. Any way there is a lot of Bha bla to it.

The really great thing is you can buy it now while its the price is low. I am self educated in the stock market, so you do what you want buy don’t buy your choice is your own. But you can be sure… a year from now; my belief, $100+ can buy 10 shares now a year from
now… $100 a share easy.

If you look at what it has done in the last month; it has been spiking here and there so the average Joe doesn’t catch on keeping the price low until the rich can get a large number of shares. when the cat is out of the bag…. BANG it jumps 100%, 200% even a 1000%.

I could be wrong… NOT!!!!! Hey America is on the way up; jump on board!

Published by junkmall

Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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