Why Junk Malls???? ETF’s are like going into a Mall that has an assortment of stores.

Each ETF covers a sector. Lets say you want to invest in a “Bank” like Wells Fargo who is a strong well known bank.

What is the ETF for Wells Fargo? Financial “XLF” of course; however, Wells Fargo is a big investor in Real Estate “We the People” purchase.

So, Real Estate can effect the banks value if you where to buy stock in Wells Fargo, but if you invest in “XLF”…. you are investing in the Financial industry.

That means if the value of one bank’s value was to drop even by 10% there is another can be growing better then 10%. This is an example for the basic understanding of the value of investing in the sectors.

Should I invest in just a sector? Although it’s easy to just say yes with the fact that “XLF” has as many as 68 Financials’ governing “XLF” I would have to say “Don’t” put all your eggs in one basket.

There are ETF’s that are global, but focusing on the USA as the leading world power we are focused on our own survival, so we can continue to recover having helped other countries that have abused our aid leaving us in the ditch.

Most of us know we can count our friends on one hand, and that includes the global population.

I have listed the ETF’s that focus on the USA, and some of those companies have businesses branches in other countries. Allowing the USA population to continue rebuilding in the USA and our friends abroad that are keyed in on the USA recovery programs on rebuilding. Click Here to go to that list of USA ETF’s.

I have listed ETF’s in the USA sectors that you should be interested in having invested in knowing Trump has focused on Americas plan to rebuild roads, power, dams, bridges and farmers just to name a few thing that are going to put money in your pocket.

Putting money in your pocket allows you to repair and improve your property increasing
value for all US citizens.

Just as disclaimer I am not a broker, and have studied the market for years. I have been active in the market, and have investments in both ETF’s and stocks I feel are in daily and monthly growth. My studies also include Option buying what are called (calls) and selling that are called (puts) that allow people to make money when a ETF or stock go up or down in value. My advice on the stock market…. know you can suffer loss as well as gains, so take care when in vesting on your own.

Thank you and please follow, and share if your interested in the growth of the USA…

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Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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