Here comes the fear factor!

Amazon, Face Book and Google Stocks to drop like a rock. WHY?

They are on the Democratic hit list as a monopoly; therefore, must break up their strong hold. The Democrats’ may have something there! So there is, the there there!

If your going to pull your money or you don’t know where to put it in this up coming fight look to the sectors just as I have been saying.

The best I have found is investing in the USA sector (home is where the heart is) would be… my pick; XLYCONSUMER DISCRETIONARY People will continue buying their everyday products, and you can buy in at $150 a share with almost 12% interest.

If your heart needs to stay calm… don’t get caught in the market down fall when the Democrats’ start reaching into their bag of tricks. After the election there should be blue skies ahead.

Keep in mind we have 2.3 Trillion coming, so put your money in a safe place. China is not where you should be at if that has not crossed your mind.

Again I am not a broker, and I am putting my thoughts here, and I hope you see what I see.

PS, Trump is back, and he is going to win. If he doesn’t get out your jump suits, and I recommend black, or grey.

Published by junkmall

Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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