What is SiriusXM? & Why is it important?

SiriusXM is your car radio signal that comes from Satellite. The new 5G phones can run off that signal at a flick of a switch. Stock symbol “SIRI” selling under $6 at this moment, and Elon Musk (Who owns Tesla, Pay Pal, US Steel and many other companies) is in a race to get his Satellites up there.

As far as I know SiriusXM is not going any where any time soon, and can turn into the biggest growth stock in history. Even if it stays where it is dividends and earning is a great investment for retired people.

Think of it this way…. everyone has a radio in their car.

The business has been around more then 5 years, and has climbed from $4.50 to over $7.70 in the last years. With the flex in the market, earnings and dividends have been as much as .20 a share. Of course the numbers will go up and down, but to sit on a cheap stock like this can build up to a nest egg.

The beauty of this… is it doesn’t take your whole check to buy in, and it has the potential to take on a higher dollar value.

Over the last 6 months the stock has been running between $5 and $6 dollars, and before the pandemic was at a high of $7.40, so any time is a great time to get on board.

Although I am showing you what looks to be junk here; I am not a broker, and you should always check into information anyone puts out there that can hurt your income. This is a place I put my thoughts, and you are welcome to read use share copy all you want.

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