No more Med’s from China!

Where will the Medications come from? Good question!

I am sure the race is on to start producing Med’s right here in this country, and from our trusted friends in Canada.

For the time being the news like to leave out We the People out of the loop as always… so I will tell you, and for free.

From the most unlikely place… Kodak! That’s right the old time Camera manufacturer Kodak stock symbol “KODK” Founded by George Eastman in 1888, he developed the Kodak camera (“Kodak” being a word Eastman created), which was the first camera designed to use roll film.

George Eastman also had a subsidiary by the the name Eastman Chemical Company. So they are not a fly by company. As a matter of fact you would not believe the history of George Washington Eastman, and what he has done for this country.

Please go here to read this man’s history…

Eastman Chemical Co stock symbol “EMN” is the other stock symbol, but is going for $84+ and I am not sure if both “KODK” at $8.86 will grow the same as “EMN”.

“KODK” has doubled, but that may be because Kodak was the name put out there, so if you put your money there… keep an eye on it for drops. As long as it continues to grow… that is where I’ll bank my buck.

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