Behind the Scene!

I hate that people hide things, and make people chase them for simple understanding. Have you run into that? You know when they say join my club, and I’ll give this that or the other.

How about this… you must have heard of earnings; well get in the stock day before earnings, and get out the next day (any time during open hours), and you will get paid earning per share.

Here is something else they don’t tell you. Most of the time a stock will go up or down by 5% on the opening bell ( a lot more if you do Options). Nothing is set in stone, but it’s an edge right?

The company that has a price in stock drop from the pay out… allows you to take that money and buy more stock at a cheaper rate. For the price that goes up… you cash out by selling your stock back to the market.

Not every company tells you what the earnings are going to be, so you have to do a little home work but 5% or more is a lot better then 2 or 3% on a bond.

I hope you find this helpful in putting a little more cash in your pocket.

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Published by junkmall

Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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