A little research on this under 50 cent stock can make you a year salary or more.

I’m not like these other people that drag you along before telling what I found to be a great deal. If someone shares it with me I check it out; do my thing of, looking up the history, and the chance I have of coming out on the up side.

Elon Musk pushing out the electric cars, ford putting out electric trucks; I understand Amazon ordered 100,000 trucks, Coke, DSL. I think you get the point.

Look these guys are huge they’re chasing the gold, and we can buy their stock and lose if they lose OR we can be the general store and invest in the batteries they will need to use.

So we are invested in “PLUG” that is Hydrogen fuel that covers the need for the vehicle. Now for the Battery. There are 3 Stock Symbols Contenders for Lithium:
1) “ALLIF” @.45 2) “ALB” @ $94. 3) “LTHM” $10.55

“ALLIF” is cheap @.45 cents has 8 locations, “ALB” is costly ($94). because they are wide spread in metals and much much more. Last is “LTHM” is located in PA.

So I am not a sales men nor do I intend to support any thing these companies do. I am self educated, could be wrong. So please do your research, and if you invest do so at your own risk.

Thank you

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Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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