FED-X $$$ for the Homeless

On 9-3-2020 I advised readers if they had 6 shares of Fed-X at the lowest of the day of $215 (or there about) a 20 day income would have given them a sizeable amount.

Now if you did buy 6 shares at $215. (Total $1290.) on 9-3-2020 today you would have gained $437.64 giving you a grand total of $1727.64. WOW!

Don’t believe me look up my post… then check your account. Close enough?

All for free in a month and a half putting more then 33% in your pocket, now it wouldn’t hurt to throw a little money the way of a homeless person.

If for any reason you feel the person would take the money and spend it on boo’s ( and I don’t mean play ghost for Halloween) then buy a meal. Even better sit down and have a sandwich and a coffee together. Let them know there are still good people out there.

Always use caution like you would with strangers, and stay in public areas to be safe as always or bring a friend. There is always the option to give to shelters that already have contact with the homeless, and know them. They are better informed to who is who.

Offer to pick up the tab for an elderly couple is always a nice gesture. We are Americans, and we have always helped each other. We can see now how other countries feel about us, and the USA needs to rebuild to where we once were.

Have a Great Day!

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