B of A “BAC” recovering from Earns

Bank of America had paid out earnings on 10/14/2020, and as I told you (what they don’t want you to know) is there is a 5% move to the up side OR the down side for earnings and/or dividends.

So B of A is recovering, and depending on your option trade… you made a few hundred.
If you buy the stock, now is the time to buy. It was on a great climb before earnings, so you can grab a few bucks by getting it while it’s cheap (now that’s a tweet). Get it?

Even if on the out side it drops a little; it’s a great stock to have.

If your buying options get on the call side a month or two out, and close it when it recovers for a few bucks.

Good Luck, remember I am not a broker and you can lose your money, boat, car, house, as my disclaimer warns.

Published by junkmall

Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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