Do Not buy China Stock?

China after WWII said, “China must never forget the American’s saved us from the Japanese.”

They desperately needed our aid in rebuilding, and now we have helped them so much; rather then show appreciation, they want to claim they own us. They are picking up arms is the show they have for us.

China has taken over Hong Kong which was the dividing line of a common relationship between cultures and respect to their way of life and ours.

Some of their traditions we do not agree with such as their cooking dogs alive, and using cat as a meat product rather then chicken. These are hard facts as ugly as they may seem to the American way of life, but their are some that have encouraged such things like shark fin soup.

I do not say these things lightly, but we continue to hope they will change; however, we have our constitution, and they have theirs. We can continue our talks of peace, and prey to improve a more humane way of life for all.

As Americans we never turn our back on the needy, but we have to draw the line on self improvement of our nation in rebuild bridges, roads, buildings, and education.

Democrats have been blinded by power and greed. They have buried their nose in there work; continuing the work of aid to countries abroad, and have forgotten the mission set for them by our Grandfathers, fathers, uncles, and brothers who fought the war of WWII.

When China was hungry-we were there; when China had earthquakes-we were there; when China needed medical help-we were there; when China needed to rebuild their trade of goods, and industries-we were there.

Now they hold a gun to our head… do we bow as Obama did? I think not.

When you think of the 100’s of thousands of men and women who died, so China could have their independence; and not only point a gun at your head, but to the head of the children that carried on the work of our grandparents for most of us.

I hope you understand my reasoning, and help focus on the rebuilding of America.

Thank you for your time.

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