*KIA & Tesla* On Board with Apple (SiriusXM-Buy Now)

CORRECTION RELEASE…Sorry… doing to much at once!

India News! USA (Powpeo) and India have now an agreement to put a Satellite over the country of India!

Don’t wait for someone to come on TV and tell you, “Hey, Did you know Apple owns “SIRI”
the number #1 leading radio station that is almost every car in the world?”

How about the new Wellness Programs everyone is buying into that has everyone on a treadmill….who would not want to have a piece of that action?

Working from home? “SIRI” is every where now, and you can get on board now. We are going to outer space, and the true name for “SIRI” is SirusXM.

Stock Symbol “SIRI” is selling dirt cheap at $5.78 at the time of me writing this notice.

PLEASE! Tell only the people you want to get in on this because this stock is going to shoot to the moon. Lets get it now before it be comes another Tesla stock that cost to much for the little guy.

Check this out…$1000 can buy you 173 shares! That is a lot of shares to own Apple tools like phones, iPhones, iPads for videos, music, news, you name it. Should the word get out, and the stock goes to $19 which is really low; you would have stock worth $3287.00

Just for $1000 investment! Lets say it never went anywhere your still buying a stock that pays earnings and dividend. Banks Do Not pay you anything in your savings account, so don’t tell me this is not a Great Deal.

The best thing about this notice is a year from now you can always sell back your shares because “SIRI” is going to be around for a long time. They own the satellites, and the rights.

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