Clinton’s and China have your ID’s

IAC has made the Clinton’s rich, and by collecting grands to help small businesses grow as long as they are under 30 million. Click here too… Hey here’s Chelsea!

Here are their locations.. Location 1 and Location map 2 You will find China on Map2
You should know China has the right to take over any business like in Hong Kong.

Are you a member or is your name on this list with any of these companies?
ANGI Homeservices Inc., Ask Applications,, Bluecrew,, Dotdash, Mosaic Group, Newco, NurseFly, The Daily Beast, Vimeo

When Chelsea Clinton got put on the front page of the News… they went into hiding by dividing the Company AND keeping IAC (with a new CEO) as their parent company.

What was the new company? with a whole bunch of little subsidiaries:
As of July, 2020, Match Group owns the following dating services;
Ablo, Amourex, Black People Meet, BLK, Chispa, Disons Demain, Hawaya (formerly Harmonica), Hinge,, Love Scout 24,, Meetic,, OkCupid, OurTime, Pairs, ParPerfeito, Plenty of Fish, Ship, Tinder, Twoo

So, where are the Clintons getting this grant money…. the USA?
How much do they put in their pocket before it gets to the company their are helping?
If all these companies have your information… do you really think it’s safe?

How about this “Tinder” is a dating service for ages 12 to 17, but check this out there are over 43 billion down loads; because all the dating services are all connected through Face Book. Here,,, see for yourself, just some of the videos out there: Click here!

USA do you feel safe how about your family do you know where they are? China does! What’s in your wallet?

Look Democrats are not looking for your best interest; they want the money! So they have you living in fear of your friends and neighbors. Dividing Race, Color, crimes people have done, immigrants, countries.

They have divided families, husbands, wives’, even our children. People that have served in the military who gave their body parts for countries for their peace, so they can live like us.

Now those same people come here to the USA, they know nothing but war. They have sorted out the weakness in some blacks, some races, and religions. Those people from other countries sell people into slavery, and for body parts.

Look this is getting off the topic of stocks, but this is why we need to recover here in the USA. To recover means we can help other countries, but we have to get back on track.

Our Government went sideways we all know it, and it was the grow of greed for one family, and it was not to help the greater good. We will recover, and then we can back to helping the world.

We need to STOP looking over our shoulders for the bad guy; the only bad people… we know who they are, and it is up to us to punish them. The world is watching us, and they count on us.

We took life’s for peace, and we have punished people of other countries; are we going to be hypocrites and NOT punish the people in our government for the wrongs they have done?

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