Vaccination Coronavirus $$

As we all know the vaccination is coming and it means big dollars IF you get the right company that winning shot in the arm.

There are 6 companies now about ready to put out the vaccination, and as always I like to go to where the money is going to root. The rich or the so call big boys are already dumping money in two ETF’s that will register no matter who wins.

Great for option trades and stock purchases, but this one will make huge wins for the option DIY (do it yourself) person. I am not a broker… just a collector of great information.

The 2 ETF’s are the fast moving “BBH” and the slower to climb, but faster to drop partner “IBB”.

This is what happens when you have millions to be played (like Warren Buffett); if you buy into the market with a lot of cash… you must do it slow or people are going to notice a spike and limit the amount of money you can make by driving the price up making it more expensive to buy.

Yesterday 11/4/2020 Both “BBH” and “IBB” spiked by $10 each per share…. so everyone is shooting for the holiday shot in the arm.

So lets take advantage by buying in option call some where in January give you the chance to pull in cash when it spikes.

Both will be dropping today because of the spike, so give it time to drop if you must buy stock. Big money people throw in their cash slow so not to catch the eye of people like me who are watching ;-D

As for yesterdays letter “SIRI” is now over $6, and big Tech is getting ready for the Holidays.
I hope you all have bought calls at the $6 mark in January…. “SIRI” is Apple! Big things are going to happen!!!!!!!

Published by junkmall

Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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