USA is giving away Gold and Metals

I thought you would like to know where our gold & metals are going, and why pre-mined Gold is really easy to find. Why we are accused of poisonings the lands?

We are sending out products that have a huge amount Gold, Silver, Copper, Plastics. and so much more. This is why the DEM’s are sending this over seas, and collecting it up, and helping Big Companies become bigger.

Trump would have these products recycled properly here in the USA, and all these people in the Green New Deal will be collecting it over seas in China, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Etc..

Dems look at us as dumb and weak while they riot our streets Republican’s are following the rules.

Anyway back to the point… your phones, computers, lap tops, are worth a ton of cash for the people who want to recycle, and keep our metals here in this country.

Just look how Hunter Biden complete history was found on his laptop…. ID theft come to mind? How about Hilary Clinton acid wash and hammering her phone…

Click Here for more witness details

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