News; Vaccine and the Market

People projecting a drop in the market if Biden gets in, and some say the market will drop if Trump stays in. What to do; What to do?

Let me see… on the short history point Trump has done a great job while China tried to reduce the world population.

The left has done nothing the entire time Trump has been in; with the exception of them being spoiled temper tantrums to regain their 50 year rule trying to get Trump out.

Democrats are able to lock up people on the right, but don’t hold up law on the left. States with Democrats have held riots; paid people to rush into our country at our boarders, and stop doctors from giving us Hydroxychloroquine that has been 100% successful I might add through my research.

With the people of the USA feeling they can’t trust their lives in foreign countries with radical religious groups kidnaping and killing Americans…. I don’t foresee anyone jumping on a ship to travel any time soon sea or air.

If Biden gets in we know they will let Americans sit in prison for years in other country’s to please the far left. Lets face it the far left is pushing the Vaccine. We all remember how the government handed out blankets with the plague to the American Indians. We can see how many American Indians are around, and the people notice they almost never bring up Native people of the America; It always Blacks, Whites, and now Asian.

Come to think of it Trump is the only one that has repeatedly brought up and helped the Native American People with such notability, and opening up lands that have been in the past opened only to the rich for their growth.

I am not a doctor, nor am I a broker my writings are as a personal diary of what I learned, and what I see as a clear thought… better known as the real world of good and evil, left and right, up and down, in and out, and front and back.

Final Thoughts:
People with experience will cover their stock with Options, so it won’t matter if the market goes up or down.
I believe people will stand fast in the market so not to lose their place in the stocks on the thought their person will get in…. that would be greed.
The midrange person to stand fast with their finger on the button ready to sell should there be a drop.
Fearful people to pull out until they see what way we are going; Trump or Biden.

The world is no doubt watching as the left try to discourage the right; China waiting with baited breath try to hold Hong Kong and take over Korea, and the vaccine sits in limbo as to whether the people will take it.

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Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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