Sell Apple shares and Buy “SIRI”

“SIRI” is loading up the money, and jumped to a of $6.32 from where I was watching at $5.30 there about. I told everyone of the on going news and bang! “SIRI” has come back to the $6 range to pile in some more cash for shares. I really see no difference to owning this or Apple when it comes to dividends and earnings. “SIRI” gives more shares, and we are entering the space age. This is going to be like buying stock in the Phone company or Ford when they first opened the doors.

Junk Malls USA

Let’s do the math…. Apple shares are at $118 and “SIRI” is selling for $6.
Sell one share Apple will get you 18 to 20 shares if you do this TODAY.

“SIRI” (Sirius XM) is APPLE! A thought here, and a little research here is going to put huge money in your pocket.

“SIRI” owned by Apple has Satellites that Transmits radio, and is the holder of rights to do so. India just received the OK from the USA for a Satellite.

Apple just advertised they have a watch with an APP that gets transmitted by radio.

Spotify will have their very many iPod clients go through APPLE.

If your $6 go to $118…. your 20 shares will turn into $2,360

I am not a broker but; I would buy in now, if you have a few bucks

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