American Scam! R U @ Risk!

Hard to believe? We have had a system of voting that has been one way for decades!
Called: Hammer and Scorecard see report how our FBI and CIA has failed the American people.

Everyone in the world knew but the American people; we have been some kind of joke. Movies stars that have known tell republicans to suck up a loss of Trump; because republicans are nothing but little mice.

To think people have been putting in cash and efforts to help their party, and they never had a chance to win.

“We the People” have had a voting system designed to go in the direction of the democrat’s idea as to who should become the peoples leader.

Will the market crash? Good question…. my thought: I am hurt that our leaders have or may have created wars that hurt people and nations for the personal gain of greed. The hand of power has been exposed. There is no backing up now, but to press forward.

Stay with the idea of rebuilding The American Way of Life as it is written in our Constitution.

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