What is a safe $ETF$ in any climate?

As I have said before I am not a broker, and being self taught I do as much research as I can.

So, I am wondering with all the political Bla Bla Bla going on… if someone was to ask me where would I feel safe if I wasn’t sure of the market; what sector would I put my stock money?

Out of all the market sectors in the USA I would look to “XLY” is a stock symbol
Consumer Discretionary (Can pay out as much as 12.7% per month) that can be trusted because it’s like a measure to Americans buying products here in the USA.

It’s a safe stock even though it will go up and down a lot it should be thought of like this. Should a storm come across the USA what do people do….? They run out and buy supplies like water, food, Etc. driving up sales causing “XLY” to go higher.

Once people have an over stock the price will drop; that is why you see the stock climb at the first of the month when everyone gets their checks such as Social Security, and Pensions. Americans love to spend, so you can see a jump when income tax comes in.

“XLP” is a stock symbol Consumer Staples (Can pay out as much as 4.2% per month) works in tandem, but follows much slower up or down. Remember they are sectors, and sectors are a group of companies.

“XLY” Holdings (List of Businesses) Can be viewed here.

“XLP” Holdings (List of Businesses) can be viewed here.

Final Thought: Gold has always been a safe place for assets as well as other metals not only war time, but for all time.

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Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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