Big Money Win or Sore Loser?

Stock Symbol “PCG” is a symbol I can not get out of my head. PG&E is a power Company out in California, and as we know… That is Democrat Country home of the evil doings?

Anyway “PCG” is a seasonal stock that drops then makes a climb to $17 from what ever low it hit ($9.47)… it’s just did this climb to over $12..

By February you can or could have bet on it climbing further due to Holiday lights, heat. basically the demand for more power; however there is a lot of hands needing money, with hands needing to be buttered.

“PCG” I believe has been the subject of the Governor wanting to take over the company. He even went as far as requesting Warren Buffett to purchase the very huge company. Warren will not touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Everyone knows how CA goes after the company PG&E every time there is a fire; when it’s really CA not cleaning up their woods for what ever reason (Tree Huggers or Bird Lovers)…. My fear is the Dems needing money may “lean” on the Power Company for help.

Well Fargo has had over 4 Billion stolen by high office people from within Wells Fargo which is something else to wonder about. Wells Fargo holds a lot of mortgages is the only reason I see it being able to stay above water. Where this is a whole new subject.

My point is if you put your money in now into “PCG” for a gain that would come by February…. may never come.

Final thought: Wait for the high to come close to $17…. then buy an Option for the fall 3 months out from it’s high. March, April, May for income with the idea that it will return to $10 or below. (Note: Monitor CA fire, and death toll)

Please follow and share, so to better inform the people who care what is going on in the USA.

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