“SIRI” being Apple is out there!

As you can see if you have been watching SIRI had a pull back to $6.30, and is closing in on $7 a share.

We now have the first commercial flight in space, and it has become very real that we are focused on growing in space. Don’t be left out.

SIRI has reached as high as $7 before, but times are very different now. When a stock does a pull back… it’s to build up more steam to climb higher.

As a disclaimer I am invested in SIRI, and I am not a broker. If you buy in it’s at your own risk because people do lose money when “playing” the stock market.

I believe this to be a very safe stock with a long history; however, with phones expanding to 5G…. this satellite business is more then needed. Just another note Apple owning SIRI, and them developing 6G is going to blow everything else out of the water.

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