Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

Biden gets in only the wealthy will be on top like Bloomberg, Gates, and the leaders of China; as they are already issuing orders before Biden is even in.

This is why people are not going to work; this is why they have let the elderly die, and why you will need to get a vaccine.

Hilary Clinton once said “their still coming”, so you really should hear this. Oh and remember your history when China tells you how many babies you can have, and when they said the girls had to die (because they wanted more boys for work) and they tell you how much food you get per month.

They control the population, and they tell you what you can have for jobs, and property.
So don’t be surprised when they tell you where to live.

Hear this video out as they tell you about individual and group thinking.

Ingraham: Get ready for the fight of your life

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