The Word is out For India!

India is getting their own USA satellite! I’ve seen a few private announcements about Apple. They are going to be putting out a product that is about to out do everyone the Including 5G from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobil.

Most of my readers have the word already, but I will go over it again. Stock symbol “SIRI” is owned by Apple; Stock Symbol “SIRI” is Sirius XM and now they Added New Contracts on iPod, Music Groups, and Sports. If Sirius XM rings a bell… it should, it more then likely programed to your car radio. As a matter of fact I don’t know a car without Sirius XM.

“Siri” stock is going as of this evening bulleting to $7.00 a share! Why is this so important?
Should Apple break out with their new product… roomer has it has being 6G that is going to blow 5G out of the water when it comes transmitting from satellite. All Sirius XM has to do is flip a switch, and Apple is on line for wireless phones carrying to the end user Sports, iPods, Music, Games with the highest speed for downloads.

I understand they are holding back to announce for the first of the year. Absolutely makes sense to sell off what stock they have, and people will storm in the doors to get the most Top of the Line phones; with time to sell for X-Mas

Here what is posted online: Apple has started assembling phones in India, completing a first trial run with the manufacture of its cheapest handset, the iPhone SE. This first step into the Indian market has been a long time coming, but Apple confirmed today to The Wall Street Journal that production has finally begun.

Now for the doubters out there, and people using other companies… Buying the stock from “SIRI” has always been a good buy because of it’s history proves it to have Dividends and earnings equal to Apple stock with the exception that the share cost average of $6 (moving a dollar up or down as a round about) where Apple stock has run as high as $124.00, and it’s going higher with no doubt by the most inexperienced eye.

Trust me if you can buy Apple stock… they are going to be around a long time. They have focused on school education, and they are not only interested in rebuilding America… they focus on family communication. American people have not been this awake since Pearl Harbor.

With that being said, why bring up Sirius if it’s Apple putting out the phones, gaining new customers from the falling companies?

I have told this story over and over again. There is gold in them there hills!
Gold miners got rich; most lost their shirt off their back, but the store keeper…. he made a ton of money from all the people mining.

So, lets go to the root of the tree where their all going to go before they get there. Right to the root of the tree! These companies are sooner or later going to knock on Apples door to go through “SIRI”. I all so understand “SIRI” is the only company having the rights to satellites.

My Final Thought: I am not a broker, and the stock market could take all you put in, so only put in what you can afford to lose. How I see chance… it’s once in a life time to get your pocket full. “Siri” is always a good stock, but now is they have the chance to be bigger then any company in history.

Apple has competition, and will always battle to stay ahead. But “SIRI” is a stand alone company leaving other companies that want to get in that field….maybe 5 to 10 years down the road…. so dig in Baby!!

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