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I ask all USA Citizens here in the USA and abroad to follow me, so we can continue to grow the USA in our investment.

Over the years we have learned politics’ always wave OUR Social Security, IRA accounts under our nose where there is always the risk or a some legal line to walk away with OUR 20, 30, or 40 years of hard labor.

We Americans are getting noticed once again in Historic Events, and rebuild our relationship with outside countries.

There is no doubt the USA is wide awake rebuilding our inner structure from Government to businesses to people. Truly a great time to be alive as we step into another world of trust, faith, and devotion to each other.

I am working to find business stock here in the USA that puts us first, and makes us money while rebuilding businesses with true focus on our future.

No one ever told me about stock sectors, and so many people buy stock with one company, and can lose it all in a year or two. Where all hope is gone.

Here is an example: You buy stock let say Walmart, and Walmart takes a down turn say $10 a share, But you own a sector (ETF) “XLY”… it would only go down a small percentage because there are other businesses in a sector to pick up where Walmart failed in their regular rise and fall, and just fall leaving you with hopes and prayer that they can regain THEIR loss and yours.

Click here to go to my page that have USA stock sector, and watch for my letters on developments of products that can get fast climbing gains.

My Final Thought: Sectors are a great retirement fund that cash back every month or quarter on your investment, so if you invest in some thing like Walmart… you should have twice the stock in that sector.
Why worry about government when you can handle your own money.

Disclaimer: I’m recording my thoughts like talking to a friend to come up with and define my ideas. I am not a Broker for stock or other; and can make money on ads, but thought on putting on ads is so you know where to fine what it is I am talking of. I really don’t care about making money, but I do enjoy the tracking it down. I also share some of my readers every day life that share their lives on word press every now and again. I don’t load up your mail box when following me; just as things or thoughts come up. Enjoy!

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Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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