Ivanka Trump for President 2024 for Peace and Freedom

Donate here for Ivanka Trump for President 2024, and I will put a check in her hand on behalf of the American people!

I believe it will take 10 to 20 years to get us out of the Democrats power play for Global power.

Over the last century of World War II, Viet Nam, and Korea the American People have help other countries regain their loss through our efforts. That can not be challenged by any one person or country that we did not help or aid in their rebuilding.

We have been there in countries that have suffered not only war, but earth quakes, land slides, tsunami, starvation, sickness, and even when there were off shore ships in destress.

Ivanka Trump has been through the pains and suffering of her father’s Donald J Trump first term in office, and the pulling through the coup of a second term. Their family has suffered personal attacks and the world plague.

We will never find such a great time to start putting our pennies away for such a well seasoned candidate as Ivanka Trump for President in 2024.

Women have been pushing for a female for President, and to have a woman of such well grooming and education as Ivanka Trump for President 2024 Fits the Bill.

She is already surrounded by the most trustworthy people from around the world, and it would be a shame to lose all that her father Donald J Trump has done for the Blue Collar worker. He is a true blue American through and through.

Ivanka Trump for President 2024 would no doubt have the support of her entire family, the followers of Donald J Trump, women supporters in the group that she has help, and the families of all races, and back ground.

Should Ivanka Trump turn down the chance to run for office of the President for the United States of America… I will present her with a check of all collected on her behalf to be put to a Foundation of her choosing.

So lets just start building up an amount that Ivanka Trump for President 2024 will not turn down. What ever you can afford $5, $10, $20 or whatever you can afford would be an investment in Ivanka Trump’s campaign or a gift to a Foundation.

Please share this letter with your friends, family, groups whom ever you think would want to continue with the Trump family that have given so much of their lives to help the little people. I want to so badly show just how much the “have nots” can pull together.

Ivanka Trump for President 2024

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