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I think a lot of people right now are getting overextended and stressed out, needing to see proof of x y z, or arrests, or disclosures of whatever sort. I mean in regards to the breathtaking political epic that’s unfolding in front of us, of course, and mostly for red-pilled people on the Right, like myself.

Has Obama been arrested? Is Joe in an ankle bracelet? Is Gina Haspel turned informant in Guantanamo after being captured red-handed in Frankfurt, destroying evidence of election fraud? Are there DUMBs (deep underground military bases) around the world, and were they raided by White Hats and relieved of their burden of trafficking victims and wealth over the summer in a separate, secret military op? Was there some connection between the DUMBs and all those explosions that happened in the month of August, and did several of the explosions destroy business interests near and dear…

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