Liquid Gold to Power Surface or Window!

I love it when the rich want to hold things back, and keep the poor people poor. Like there is not enough to go around. This life makes me wonder why things become so clear when we come to the end of our life.

So this is what they are holding under your nose for the next stock to climb. They will tell you… ” buy my membership you don’t want to miss this”; always the the words to keep you chasing them.

I don’t do that, but I recommend you read on after I tell you the stock. The Symbol that Might be the eye popper for 2021 is “WNDW”.

It is a Solar Liquid that can be applied to the windows or you can buy the windows that will power your whole house. NO MORE POWER BILL. I will keep watching it to make sure it’s not a trick to get your money.

The last power source I watched was “PLUG”; Hydro power that went from $5’s to $25 almost over night. That stock I wrote about gave people time to get in, and it did not cost a dime to know it. Had you been reading my blog when I put out my notice, and purchased shares you would now have $20 for every share you bought. ($5000 would put you to $25,000 PLUS Dividends and Earnings for how ever long you held the stock)

“PLUG” now has been contracted to power robots! Very soon robots will be doing operations with less need to enter the body give people faster recovery.

Now if you sell that off some of that “PLUG”, to put that $5000 back in your hands, and move it to “WNDW”…. you just might be able to do it again. However “WNDW” has just gone up from $3. to $9, and back down to day to $7.25.

So let me explain, if you have an interest in this stock “WNDW”. True the word is getting out about it, and the rich want in before it takes off. If you do some research on this product; it is not ready to go yet. The thing of buying stocks is knowing when it’s going to take off.

The liquid is not yet ready to hit the streets, but they have got the windows I understand. This could be what they call a pump and dump type of stock or the rich are putting in their money slow so no one takes notice to it keeping the price low. If you put in a million because the stock was a $3 it may spike for a day or two.

Look at it like this: If I buy in at $3…. you buy in at $8, and it goes up to $9 I can sell part of my shares pulling it back to $7.25; that keeps people interested, and some scared that sell off their stock.

Final Thought: I believe fear is going to bring it low again, and I know the rich are trying to sneak large sums of money in. I am not a broker, and I am self taught… Know you can lose money in the Market, and you do it at your own risk. I’m thinking the time to get in unless you have funds to burn… $5 to $6 is the buy in price. I will continue to watch it, and I will say when is a good time. Right now this has been a $3 stock for the last 5 years, and maybe they need money or it’s a time to pop. I think it’s going to happen, but now may not be the time. However with that being said… it maybe a good time to ride it (Buy low sell High till it does pop.) Please don’t forget to follow me, and I do watch things happening in the world, and point out things that effect the market; Politics and peoples lives.
Comments and Questions are always welcome….

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