Clinton and Biden taught Anti-Americans how to get Grands and Campaign Funds!

Nancy Pelosi has a great team for dismantling the USA. The Greed has come to a head that we MUST change out our entire Government. It didn’t take ILhan Omar long to learn to take Campaign money, and shift it to her husband’s pocket. (Other resources)

The American Rich getting funding for the elite has been a paper trail for the blue collar families. Congress has had a free ride for their children to get FREE college education, and its the American workers that pay it.

The time that Trump has been in…. Democrats have done nothing but hinder or strip the administration we are paying for, and they blame Trump for the Covid-19.

Republicans and Democrats once the President is elected; like it or not, are to work together; yet Democrats think that they are free from blame, and have divided the people into teams one attacks the other.

Democrat’s have been hiding continuing to make plans to undermine the Government, and elected President who had nothing to do with Russia, and has… with all the controversy has out done record breaking recovery of the USA.

Americans must ask, “Perhaps if they Democrats did something to help crate a plan for Covid-19 rather then attack the administration that “They ARE” a part of the government structure, maybe the plan would have been liked for all Americans?

If two people rob a bank and a cop is killed; don’t we want them to both admit to the crime? If we are paying people to run our Government and one thief (Named Lefty) tells us he did nothing wrong… do we let him go?

As Americans “We the People” need to focus on the voting system before anything goes any further. If our votes mean nothing… there is NO America, and NO SOLDIER will die for our vote being confused in anyway.

Would you leave your family in a confused country? Soldiers of America are volunteers, and they are coming back from war (not our war, but wars of other countries) to help the Biden’s and Clintons become rich off our blood? For their Global Power? They are not serving us or American interest, but their own pocket.

Our Government is sending “We the People” to food banks while Nancy Pelosi waves Ice Cream under our nose, and tells us when SHE will give us OUR MONEY to Feed OUR CHILDREN!

Final Thought: Give our justice system the chance to use our checks and balances put in place by our forefathers.

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