Stay Aware of Disney!

Disney has gone from $158 to $178 just today, and I believe it to be a trick to investors. If a company buys it’s own stock… it will look as if something wonderful going on to trick people to buy in. Then the company can sell off those stocks at a higher price not only making money, but by selling off the overage of stocks… it reduces the value of the stock over night.

Remember while Covid-19 was going around; Disney was trying to push people into their “Vacation Fun” Mind Set while thousands of both America and China are suffering their loss.

Because the way China runs their country; if they tell you go to the park, you are to follow their order. That is communism at work or the other word you have heard from Democrats Socialism.

Disney was a company that was built for the fun and enjoyment for families, and children who had nothing compared to todays technology. You may have also noticed the fazing out of game rooms.

Though America’s pandemic that democrats said stay home ware a mask, and keep your distance Disney continued to open their doors.

Disney has; in my eyes, has been taken over by communism, and has joined the globalist in an all world order.

Final Thought: I am not a broker, and my views are my own. History has proved that it repeats, and children have always been the target to win over. For that reason and many other reasons to include their games, movies and China taking over Hong Kong is now under communist rule. Having a Disney under Chinese rule allows them to all access to ANY business action there and abroad.
For people that don’t know… ANY Business in China… China can obtain ALL that businesses information. So American information, ID’s, pictures, Social Security number can be compromised.
SIDE NOTE: China is doing Facial Identification now (That includes your children like it or not.) Pass this on to all Americans if you want to keep American Freedom.

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