What If Trump comes out of office?

This is where the people will act if they don’t believe it was fair. Truck Drivers will park their trucks. Freight will not roll, and dock workers will not load and unload trucks.

Motorcycles could drive up and down sidewalks. Repair men will no longer be on call.

This is where people will not send their children to school… because their is no trust.
Can we really trust the vaccine in the young and old? What about our first responders get vaccinations first knowing China wants to control us?

If our votes are not safe; sickness running ramped, and they already have a Chinese person running for Governor of New York…. you better wonder what your going to do when you have to have a gun to leave your home.

Our Government has been compromised, and as most of us knew our Courts System no longer works.

Joe Biden is having the last two years of him and his son removed from You Tube. Makes one wonder why Trump never did that… BECAUSE it’s our First Amendment RIGHT to have freedom of speech.

The Bible does say the world will end by fire, and the people will run for the hills.

Lets hope the States get this legal issues of vote cleared up before it’s to late.

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