Would you Die for your Country?

Many years ago it was the right thing to join the Military for education, and to secure some what of a retirement. No matter the branch you joined something that had a purpose for yourself and for country for all that served before you.

I have been around since Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower who was the 34th President of the United States from 1953 January 20 to 1961, and every President thereafter.

Born in the 50’s to be around the kind of men that have been fighting wars from WWI, WWII, Nam, Korea has been a true honor. I salute them for standing tall in the face of death, and have been proud when they sat beside me to share their life.

They told me some day I may die in Nam, as thoughts would pass through my mind of Walter Cronkite reporting the news that showed planes returning to the USA. The planes would be unloading our dead from Viet Nam, and reloading fresh soldiers on the other end for the return flight.

Do we really want another War… here in this country? These Men are my brothers in Arms; Men that did not make it back. Men that died so we would never see war here.

Biden is bringing war here.. is that what you want? Please view… This One Week many States suffered a loss or more. Never forget the pain….

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