At WAR with CHINA!! No one told me!! 12/13/2020 up date!

12/13/2020 Up-Date: Major leak has provided an ‘unprecedented view’ into the Communist Party of China

The Silent WAR… Australia Uncover Over 2 Million China Agents Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers leaked working all over the world, and as Hilary said, “They are still coming.”

Pompeo Speech if you have not heard yet: BREAKING NEWS TODAY: THIS IS TRAGEDY

Major News Australia: Major leak ‘exposes’ members and ‘lifts the lid’ on the Chinese Communist Party

Gen. Flynn: SCOTUS doesn’t decide, we decide the election of president of the United States | NTD

Trump criticizes AG over Hunter Biden and Jim Biden probe:
Barr ‘frankly’ did the wrong thing

Final Thought: You don’t have to believe me… see these videos for yourself. When you click on the link you will not lose this page. This page will stay open until you close this page.
Thank you for your time, and Please follow and share with your friends and family. We really have to move fast here to keep our Freedom.

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