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“SIRI” Sirius XM just put up a Satellite

As I have told all my readers buy stock symbol “SIRI”. They are owned by Apple, and they are going to control 5G and 6G.

The stock symbol “SIRI” was going for $5 to $6 and has been for the last month run between $6 and $7 per share where Apple stock goes for $125. per share.

If you did not buy in yet do it now! “SIRI” pays out equally in dividend and earnings as it would for Apple stock, and you can own more stock with Sirius XM. The stock is going to be worth more then Face Book, Amazon, and Tesla altogether.

Sports, Games, Pod cast, Movies, Music all coming off SIRIUS XM Satellite. By tomorrow the stock could be going for over $100 a share! The sky is the limit… but we are going higher!!

So there you go! Watch your pockets grow!