Face Book owner Marc Zuckerberg owns Bit coin type company, and is hoping to pass it off as a coupon that will give you a discount on products you buy. His goal is to get control of our (American) currency. Think of it this way… he gets your cash, and you get a fraction of a discount from the store, and bit coin gets paid again when you use it from the store.

This so call Bit coin comes in different names (and shiny pictures), but is an attempt to gain control as I said, to control of currency.. but not just American Money, but all countries currency.

Lets say at some point the coin idea fails as History has shown us once before… Marc Zuckerberg just shuts down the business, and just walks away with your cash. You on the other hand can cry, file suit, and rant and rave tare up your pretty pictures, but the Bit coin has no backing like American money.

Face Book is not going to last, and Amazon is also going to get a slap they are not going to forget very soon. Restrictions on Big Tech has just begun.

If you remember when Walmart was moving into small towns… no one wanted them because they could out price any small business leaving them broken. Well now Walmart got their up comings; Amazon started to take over Walmart customers.

Walmart has a game changer going that now if you have a product or service they want to help for the 1st time 3rd party sales. Here is their contact page: Click the button below!

Now you have the chance to be a Supplier for Walmart Store or Sam’s Club with YOUR product, send it to the warehouse or drop ship right from your home. That’s Right YOUR products or services right on Walmart Web Site.

Click the button above and have a look for your self… I don’t make anything on telling you; it’s just a great thing that Walmart is going to help keep America Free.

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