Why doesn’t Biden want voting Corrected!

Why doesn’t Biden want voting to be corrected after 45 years of service? You would think it would be his number one interest, but Hilary Clinton makes major crime announcement to all organized, organizers, pole workers, and to all people Joe Biden not to concede!

People know this is a set up to take over our country! Michigan has turned their State Police into the SS. Electors not allowed to vote due to the wall of police, but not just the Police the State Police.

State Police are violating our Constitutional Rights to vote; therefore our Top Cop can not be trusted. Our Government has been taken over by the Democrats… The FBI, the CIA, and now the State Police.

Washington Democrats have had people use all their money to stay alive, and have lost their businesses de organizing our country. People have sold off products around the house only to find our Top Cop; the very people in our community are not holding up our laws, but worse they don’t know our Constitution, and are following the leads of a communized country CHINA friends to the Clintons and Obama family.

Ask yourself this Bill Clinton who was impeached was hanging around Obama; he even had Obama wait on the tar pad of the airport keeping air force one waiting.

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