Our checks are on there way!

Be wise in what money we are getting. It on you what you do with it, but remember we have a lot going on here in the USA.

With the thought of Civil War or Cyber War coming to a head as history has shown us the best/ safest investment has all ways been GOLD, Silver, Stones. Gold will always be the number one investment.

I think the very worst thing people can do is buy Bit Coin. It has no backing what so ever.

When people received their checks last time… they started buying online. If you buy in a sector XLY and XLP they are of consumer products. Stay away from China stock until they come around to their senses.

Sirius XM is Apple, and is likely to grow in the next few months, but is still a great income in vestment, and has been for many years; Their stock symbol is “SIRI” click here to see my recent letter, and up-date.

If your new to buying stock STAY AWAY from RobinHood. If your going to learn to buy and sell stocks TD Ameritrade has what they call “Think or Swim” platform. There you can paper trade (practice), and you can switch to real money when you feel ready to trade.

Final Thoughts: Please remember I am not a broker, and I am self taught for a few years now. Coming here to write is to keep my thoughts clear, and you are welcome to read and share with others if you wish. I think Trump did a great job of getting people the vaccine, and this stimulus check. It’s really sad the Dems have waited this long to agree on giving us our own money…. it’s the kids who are going to suffer.

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Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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