Putin: The Arms Race Between Russia And USA Is Already Underway; There’s No Doubt About That!

Russia has a population of some 150 million people where America has 350 million people, and our forces are more likely to be successful in a War because of Trump’s up dating our ammo, and of course Ships, submarines detection, Satellites, Space Force, and Lasers.

In my eyes Russia just really wants to be able to catch up for balance and safety. I was around in the cold war, and was in the service at the time. It was very scary because communications weren’t as good as to day. I think Russia is just as worried about China as we are.

Here’s what Putin had to say yesterday; do you think it’s a trick?

I think people in our government before Trump got in were doing more to hurt our relations with other countries because they held the big guns. That is not what American life style is about…

We as Americans want peace through out the world, but it would seem to me Biden, Clintons had “their” own plan of what the world should be. Obama was nothing more then a porn in the Clinton game board.

Obama was nothing more then a porn in the Clinton game board. If they only had a heart…

No one taught kids to put their hand over their heart for the pledge of allegiance in school.
MUSLIM FACT; Muslims only have allegiance to their God “Allah” and themselves “All” others are infidels and deplorables.

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