Do you make $50,000 per year? Why is Nancy and Chucky only allowing $600

$600 is less then what you are Taxed Per WEEK; with 52 weeks in a year… you should be looking at what your clerks (Senators, Representatives, and Governors) are doing with YOUR money.

Senators, Representatives, and Governors are to speak for a large group of people in there State THAT IS IT in a nut shell. They are not there as God of the universe to serve themselves.

Senators, Representatives, and Governors They are in Washington to SERVE the people of their State. So when Nancy says we paid this we paid that; she paid Nothing!

“We the People” paid this that or the other. You the working people are Congress; your voice is an agreement made by “ALL States” when and ONLY when it is acknowledged by the President.

So what did we pay for: click here to hear the truth

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