Let Them Eat Cake and Like It!

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Let Them Eat Cake!

Social media has lit up like a blazing Christmas tree since Congress voted on and passed the latest ‘COVID’ relief bill. People are pissed. “What the hell is all this money going to Pakistan gender studies and billions going to African countries I haven’t even heard of?” the masses have wondered with expressions of shock and awe. I guess a rude awakening is in order for some folks who have been asleep and ignorant of U.S. spending and political pork barreling their whole lives. Of course, Donald J. Trump chimed in on the bill, too. He gave one of his only public addresses since the election and voiced his complaint that a measly $600 bucks wasn’t enough for all those people out of work and hungry. He said folks should receive $2000 instead.

Hell, since we’re throwing out numbers, let’s raise it to $5000; okay then…

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