See any one you Trust?

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These are people trying to buy out our metals Through the Stock Market. Bill Gates, Amazon, Alphabet, and other nameless people that hide in the dark market.

Stock symbol QuantumScape Corporation an Office out of “California” jump over $36 yesterday, and a company “JG” Aurora a China company North of “Hong Kong” sneaking under the radar jumped on the band wagon for 100% gain on their stock.

These Big Money people along with SAROs want our many Metals, Wood/lumber, and Food products like pork. They want for us to be farms for China, and supply them with what they want at our cost. China want to strip our lands of all we have, and make us their slaves. Not only Steel but Technology from companies.

The company has a majority interest in MGM China Holdings Limited, which owns the MGM Macau resort and casino, and is developing a gaming resort in Cotai. MGM Resorts owns 56 percent of CityCenter in Las Vegas, which features Aria Resort & Casino. It has a majority controlling interest in MGM Growth Properties, a real estate investment trust.

Why is Hollywood hating Trump and can say, they want to blow up the White House, Please Click here to see why Trump Stands alone!

Click Here is the Information on the Virus Testing Report on the testing process will turn into an Advertisement, but at least here how the testing is done. The above highlight of Virus Testing for me was just for how they test (It is not my ad and I do not make money on it.)

Final Thoughts: China has taken a lot from us and the tariffs have brought out a lot inside corruption. Trump has taken on all this, and has put his own family at risk. I stand with the Trump Family, and Rudolph William Louis Giuliani (Rudy) who took on 5 Crime Families.
Donald J Trump leads the Executive Branch of the Federal Government; and is the Highest Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces, and deserves Respect.
We have not seen any respect coming from people around him, or the Media. This says a lot about people being bought out. Please pass this on before they cut me off or worse.

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