China and the Dragon Breath of leaders!!

China using Japan’s historic move of putting a hand out for peace, and with the other hand hold a knife close to the heart of Americans. Then spreading a virus like what was done to the Native Americans. How Cliché

America has fought many battles to keep peace through out the world; and communist have always controlled the news of what its people hear. We have allowed them to live in their own peaceful way.

We encouraged China and Japan to rebuild; gave them food and clothing. Called in medical services so their people could be trained, and continue their way of life. Hong Kong was put on a treaty that would allow for neutral ground for Communist and Capitalist to bargain goods and services.

America has shared much of our knowledge with China, but like little children are caught with their hand in the cookie jar helping themselves to all they want. It’s not enough that they were reduced to beggars by Japan with no honor, but it now looks like the Great Warriors of Japan had good reason to attack China.

China’s Leadership are nothing more then takers with no honor or respect to our country here in the USA. Like dogs living in the back of a restaurant attack the very hand that feeds them.

With the changing times, so called communist have been in the USA to study history, and learn how to read and write in English. Americans gave their lives to remove the threat of Japan’s war, sickness and violence.

Japan’s history of killing 100’s of thousands of Chinese is no secret. China’s elders said to the people of World War II to never forget what America had done for China, and the many lives they have saved. These stories are on film; recorded of China’s “FREE WILL”

Japan and America have become good friends, and work together with honor, respect, and love for mankind. China’s people of Hong Kong, and many others realizing the suppression an power China would like to have.

We have long known of China wanting to take over, as they led Biden, Kerry, Clintons and Obama by the nose. Clintons really thought they were going to win election, and Obama thought he would be running Space X, and Virgin’s trips to outer space. Our counter intelligence group have their plants all over China, and will uproot all in time.

We really didn’t think Hillary could pull it off, but the Re-set button… that was her idea! Man we had a laugh that day, the way she pulled it off almost with a straight face… why do you think she, and her friends aren’t in prison. The only yellow cake China and Russia is going to see is under the frosting on the cake.

Trump is our President, and we have to give him credit for pulling this all together. To Hong Kong; we Americans know the evil that is growing in your country. Hold the line, and continue your fight, and organize your teams. They can not stop our communications.

Remember this my Chinese friends… you have to fight to be free… no one is going to give it to you. WWII took 4 years, but in the end… freedom, and the love of mankind will always come out on top.

The people of Hong Kong have worked and built up their cities, and their business… it is better to burn it to the ground then to give it away.

Hide your phones, and keep your communications coming. Wrap them in foil will keep them safe from magnetic pulse. Keep spares in foil and lead boxes. Change IP addresses, and trust no one. Good Luck and Be Safe; the clock is ticking. We must wait for the next move.

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