It Wasn’t a Suicide Bomber FFS

What are American women saying; women that have been in the service. Every voice counts…


The order of my day got all messed up; now it’s late and I’m trying to accomplish a blog for my own sake if no one else’s. I feel a certain sense of wild abandon — everyone who thought there would be a blog today already stopped checking, and I cancelled all my social media so a bunch of people won’t even think to read it anymore, and it all feels like so much poetic license I can’t even contain myself 🙂

What shall I do with all my freedom? Let me stream-of-consciousness!

So: it’s fucking crazy the MSM is going with a suicide bomber narrative for the Nashville explosion, when a parked RV emitted verbal, amplified warnings about an impending explosion for nearly 1/2 hour prior to the blast lololollllll. You know those suicide bombers! Always doing what they can to mitigate the loss of life and limb.


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