China stepping on Putin’s Toes? OOPS!

China has taken Putin for a fool! As China was proceeding with the Biden game of world power; Trump has thrown in a wrench by undermining the fouled voting system.

Never thinking that Trump was smart enough to figure out that he has the power to correct; defend his win, and keep this oath of office made to the people when sworn in. The Democrat’s better head to the mountains…

One would think Joe Biden would step to the front rather then let his son take a fall, but no the man is so selfish he will bring his sons down with him. Even with one foot in the grave, and as old as he is… Hunter is so loyal to his dad; he let his father use his name to hide his money. Illegal or not Hunter holds the bag in front of the bank while big daddy drives away.

Did Biden and Kerry make promises to China in taking over Russia with the help of the USA and our allies.

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