Police Devalued

If police don’t know the Constitution; it’s easy to understand why people are shooting the police, and fighting with police. Police are not Gods, and they are the dog soldiers of the people. To protect and defend the RIGHTS of the people; NOT take control, and enter private property at the will of a dictator.

The uniforms are now nothing more then a shadow of what was once a respected person that know the law. That would violate the peoples right. Our police throw on a uniform, but are afraid to lose their job, and prefer stand against the rights of people.

True policemen would stand down, but they no longer think for themselves, but are just robots with a gun. As robots knowing more then follow the leader, do as I say.

Hilary breaks the law… the FBI breaks the law, and Biden has formed his own country with the help of China. Biden points his finger at Russia; a broken country, while it’s China that has building up it’s army.

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